Why use a DBT Coach?


When I first started taking dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) classes, I felt very frustrated because I knew that the skills I was learning could help me stop from suffering so much, but I could not remember the skills in time for them to work.  It took me a lot of practice until using the coping skills became truly helpful.  I can be that person who helps you think of what coping skill to use before your overwhelmed state becomes a meltdown.  I can help you figure out how to get your needs met, provide validation, insight and ways to become unstuck from your current situation.  As someone who is in recovery from several mental illnesses, I can also be a source of hope for people with mental health issues and their loved ones that life can and will get better.  For people who live in Georgia, I know the mental health system intimately and can be a starting point for resources, if you feel like you have run out of options and do not know where to turn.  Hope is real!  Let me help you find your pathway to well being!

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